Welcome to the Seedbank

We are pleased to announce that the Seedbank is now back in operation following its temporary suspension.

Please note that we are currently only accepting orders for UK shipping addresses.

About the Seedbank

The Seedbank is a large repository of carnivorous plant seeds made available for cultivation.

The Society has operated a Seedbank for more than 40 years. Covering more than 500 varieties from at least 14 genera, it is recognised as one of the foremost such collections in the world.

The aims of the Seedbank are:

  • To maintain a sustainable repository of viable seed for as wide as possible a range of carnivorous plants
  • To make available a reliable source of seed to promote preservation of carnivorous plants in cultivation

How does it work?

Society members are entitled to an allocation of free seeds each year, and can purchase a couple of additional packets for a nominal charge.

Members are encouraged to donate seed from their own plants to sustain the store of fresh seed, with additional seedbank allowance in exchange for donations.

Non-members are also welcome to contribute seed and may be permitted to obtain seed from the Seedbank on an exchange basis at the discretion of the Seedbank Manager.

The Seedbank Policy provides further details on the operation of the Seedbank.

Note: The Seedbank is not a shop. Only members can place orders, and orders exceeding each member’s annual allowance are only permitted in exchange for seed donations.

Explore the Seedbank

Browse the current Seedbank stock via the categories below, or use the search box to find specific seed varieties.

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