The Carnivorous Plant Society

The Carnivorous Plant Society is a registered Charity, founded in 1978 with the aim of bringing together all those interested in carnivorous plants, both beginners and experts. Membership is open to all individuals and institutions, both amateur and professional.

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This is a list of the Trustees and Committee members with a brief description of their roles. All Trustees and Committee members are elected annually by members present at the AGM. Any member can nominate themselves for election to a Committee post. Nomination notices are sent out in advance of the AGM.


Phil Wilson, Ron Satterthwaite, Fiona Wowra, Richard Bunn


Phil Wilson Chair Has overall managerial control of the committee and chairs committee meetings.
Vacant Vice Chair Assists the Chairman in their duties as necessary and acts on behalf of the Chair in their absence.
Fiona Wowra Secretary Responsible for preparing the agenda for, and, taking minutes at AGM, EOS and Committee meetings.
Fiona Wowra Seed Bank Organiser Runs and manages the seed bank, ordering seed and distributing it to members.
Phil Wilson Treasurer Responsible for all financial aspects of the Society including running the Society's bank account and providing annual accounts for the AGM.
Dom Peace Membership Secretary Responsible for keeping a record of all members, recording new memberships and renewals etc.
Stephen Morley Conservation Officer
Responsible for overseeing the society's conservation policy and for assessing and making recommendations for grants from the society Conservation Fund.
Francesco Gorni Assistant Conservation Officer

Assists the Conservation Officer with the Society’s conservation work.


Events Organiser

Organises CPS meetings and member's open days.

(VACANT) Promotions Sources and sells CPS promotions - t-shirts, mugs etc.

Richard Bunn

Newsletter Editor

Editor of the twice-yearly newsletter sent to all current members of the society.

Phil Wilson


Keeps the Society's collection of printed materials

Carlene Bunn

Enquiries Officer 

Responsible for handling all enquiries made to the society and either answering them or diverting them to the relevant committee member.

Richard Bunn & Phil Wilson Internet Officers Responsible for the upkeep of the Society's website and other Internet resources.

Martin Cheek (Non-Committee Role)

Journal Editor 


Responsible for the production of the Society's Journal - Planta Carnivora.


Assistant Journal Editor

Assists the Publications Editor in sourcing and compiling articles for the Journal.  


Show Secretary

Organises displays for flower shows and events.  

Ian Ladd

Social Media Officer

Responsible for managing and updating the Society's various social media platforms. 

John Wilden

General Committee Member

Non-role-specific member of the Management Committee. 



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