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The Carnivorous Plant Society is a registered Charity, founded in 1978 with the aim of bringing together all those interested in carnivorous plants, both beginners and experts. Membership is open to all individuals and institutions, both amateur and professional.

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Registered Charity Number: 281423
(22nd June 1981)

1.         The Society:


            a.         Shall be called the Carnivorous Plant Society.

b.         May be affiliated to the Royal Horticultural Society and other organisations approved by the Trustees.

            c.         Is a registered Charity.


2.         The Charitable Objects of the Society are:


            To advance the education of the public in the study of carnivorous plants and to promote the conservation of such plants.


3.         Powers:


            In order to carry out the day-to-day purposes of the Society, the Management Committee has powers to:


a.         Raise funds by way of subscriptions, donations, events and the sale of goods provided that income from sales does not exceed the limit imposed by the Charity Commission for small charities.

b.         Apply funds to carry out the work of the Society.

c.         Cooperate with and support other charities with similar objectives.

d.         Fund or contribute to research, conservation and habitat projects.

e.         Do anything that is lawful and necessary to achieve the objects of the Society.


4.         Activities of the Society:  In furtherance of Rule 2 the Society may:


            a.         Gather and disseminate cultivation information.

            b.         Hold members meetings.

            c.         Give talks to members and the public.

            d.         Maintain a seed bank.

            e.         Publish journals and newsletters and make use of social media.

f.          Participate in horticultural and associated events.

            g.         Provide a forum for discussion of carnivorous plants.           

            h.         Distribute plant material.

            i.          Engage in other activities in furtherance of Rule 2.


5.         Membership:


a.         Membership of the Society is offered to individuals and organisations interested in carnivorous plants both in the United Kingdom and overseas.


b.         Applications for membership/renewal shall be made using the prescribed form or otherwise in writing or via the Society’s website.  Applications must be accompanied by the current subscription.


c.         Membership shall run for 12 months from the date the original application or renewal subscription is received.


d.         Members shall be informed by email or in writing of the date their subscription is due at least 1 month prior to their renewal date.


e.         Any member who fails to renew their membership may be considered to have resigned.


f.          The Management Committee may refuse applications for membership or renewal from any person or organisation, or expel an existing member or organisation when it believes it be in the best interest of the Society.


h.         Any subscription that has been paid by an expelled member shall be forfeit.


i.          Persons or organisations whose membership has been refused or who have been expelled from the Society shall have the right of appeal to the Trustees of the Society.


j.          The Membership Secretary shall keep a record of each member’s name, address, subscription paid and such other information as is necessary for the efficient administration of the Society.


k.         Distribution of member information shall be limited to Committee members who need it for the efficient administration of the Society.


l.          All Committee members shall carry out their duties with regard to the requirements of data protection laws and regulations.


m.       Changes to subscription rates must receive majority support from members attending an Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting.


n.         Trustees and Committee members shall receive complementary membership during their time in office.


o.         Complementary membership may be awarded to others who have made a significant contribution to the work of the Society.  Such members shall inform the Membership Secretary of their wish to renew their complementary membership in April of each year.


p.         Members who wish to appeal against any decision made by the Management Committee should appeal in the first instance to the Committee and, if not satisfied with the response, to the non Committee Trustees whose decision shall be final.


6.         The Trustees:


As a registered charity the Society is required to appoint Trustees who are responsible for ensuring that the Society operates within rules set down by the Charity Commission.  The Trustees protect the interests of members and adjudicate on disputes between members and the

Management Committee.


a.         The Trustees shall comprise the Chair of the Management Committee, the Treasurer, the Secretary and at least 2 non-committee members.


b.         Their responsibilities are to ensure that the Society:


            i.          Maintains its status as a registered charity.

            ii.         Has an appropriate management structure.

            iii.        Is financially secure.

            iv.        Meets its objectives.

            v.         Operates equitably and in compliance with these rules.

vi.        Amends these rules to meet the changing requirements of the Society.


c.         Trustees must be members of the Society or nominated representatives of organisations that are members of the Society.


d.         An annual meeting of Trustees shall be held prior to the AGM and at other times when it is deemed necessary.


e.         Ultimate responsibility for the Society’s activities lies with the Trustees.


7.         Management of the Society:


a.         The day to day business of the Society shall be devolved by the Trustees to a Management Committee comprising:





                        Membership Secretary


and such other positions as the Trustees consider necessary for the efficient operation of the Society.


b.         The Trustees may change the number and responsibilities of the Management Committee and may co-opt members onto the Committee to fill vacancies or to meet the changing requirements of the Society.


c.         The Committee shall be in quorum provided that at least 50% of the Committee take part in the voting process.


d.         All issues will be decided by a majority vote of those present at a Committee meeting, taking into account any proxy votes submitted by absent Committee members, or by a majority vote of those taking part in on-line discussions.


e.         The Chair (or the acting Chair) shall have the deciding vote in the event of a tied vote.


f.          The Secretary shall maintain a record of votes cast on any issue requiring significant expenditure or which significantly affects the operation of the Society.


g.         If a Management Committee member is absent from 3 consecutive Committee meetings without apology they shall be deemed to have resigned.


h.         If a Management Committee member has a conflict of interest they must declare it and leave the meeting while the matter is being discussed or decided.


i.          The Trustees may veto any activity which they consider to be inconsistent with the Society’s objectives.


8.         Election of Trustees and the Management Committee:


a.         Management Committee members shall resign at the Annual General Meeting but shall be eligible for re-election.  Those elected shall serve for 12 months from the date of the AGM or until the next AGM.


b.         In alternate years, Non Committee Trustees shall resign at the AGM  but shall be eligible for re-election.  Those elected shall serve for 2 years from the date of the AGM.


c.         The election of the Chair, Treasurer and Secretary shall be from those nominated by the Management Committee.


d.         The election of other Trustees and other Management Committee members may be from any other member who volunteers to serve.


e.         Current Committee members and other members must notify the Secretary of their willingness to serve as a Trustee or as a Committee member for the coming financial year prior to the 31st December. The notification should mention the position they wish to undertake and should include a resume of their relevant skills/experience.


f.          Where more than two or more members wish to undertake a particular role, a ballot of all members shall take place under equitable arrangements to be decided by the Trustees.  Members shall be informed of the ballot result at the next AGM.


g.         The Management Committee may debar any member from being a Trustee or Committee member if they consider it to be in the best interests of the Society.  A member so debarred shall have the right of appeal to the Trustees.


h.         Members may remove a Trustee or a Management Committee member by a two thirds majority vote at an AGM or Special General Meeting.


9.         Finance and Property:


a.         Money and property must only be used for the Society’s purposes.


b.         The Society’s funds shall be lodged in a bank approved by the Trustees.


c.         Authority to make routine expenditure associated with the publication of journals, membership and seed bank may be delegated to the appropriate Committee member.  All other expenditure must be approved by the Management Committee. 


d.         No Trustee, Committee member or other member may receive any money or property from the Society except to refund reasonable out of pocket expenses previously approved by the Management Committee.


e.         Receipts must be obtained and presented to the Treasurer for all expenditure.


f.          The Treasurer shall make such financial returns to the Charity Commission as is required by the Commission’s rules.


g.         The Treasurer shall report on the Society’s income, expenditure and assets at AGMs, in the Journal and on the Society’s website.  The report shall include categorised summaries for the current and previous financial years.


h.         The account books shall be available for inspection at the AGM and at the request of a member at other mutually convenient locations and times.


g.         The Trustees may veto any proposed expenditure they consider is inconsistent with these rules.


10.      Annual General Meetings:


a.         The Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than the end of May each year.


b.         Members shall be given at least 4 weeks notice of the date, time and location of the AGM.


            c.         The purpose of the AGM is to:


i.          Receive Committee reports and accounts for the year ending 31st March.


ii.         Elect Trustees and the Management Committee.


iii.        Consider and vote on any changes to these rules.


iv.        Consider and vote on any other business.


d.         Proposals to alter these rules and other items that members wish to include in the Agenda must be received by the Secretary at least 14 days prior to the date of the AGM.


e.         Voting shall be by a show of hands by members entitled to vote. 


f.          Rule changes and motions to remove a Trustee or Management Committee member must receive a two thirds majority support. All other agenda items will be decided on a majority vote.


g.         No change to Rule 2 (Objects of the Society), Rule 12 (Dissolution) or this rule shall take effect until the written agreement of the Charity Commission has been obtained and no change to any rule shall be made which would cause the Society

to cease to be a charity at law.


h.         The minutes of AGMs shall be made available to members.






11.      Special General Meetings:


a.         The Trustees or ten other members of the Society may call a Special General Meeting to consider urgent and/or important matters affecting the operation of the Society.


b.         Special General Meetings shall be held as soon as practical after a decision to hold such a meeting is made providing that members are given at least 14 days notice of the purpose, date, time and location of the meeting.


h.         The minutes of SGMs shall be distributed to members.


12.      Dissolution of the Society:


a.         The Society may be dissolved by a resolution passed by two thirds majority of those attending a Special General Meeting convened for this purpose.


b.         Having obtained written approval of the Charity Commission, any assets and property held by the Society after the satisfaction of all debts and other liabilities, shall be donated to one or more other charities having the same or similar objects to this Society.


13.      Interpretation of the Rules:


            The Trustees shall be the final arbiter on the application of these rules and on any matters affecting the operation of the Society not included in these rules.











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