Many carnivorous plants are threatened with extinction in the wild, due to pressures such as development, land drainage and poaching.

Conservation of these extraordinary species is one of the Society’s charitable purposes, and the Society maintains a dedicated fund reserved for conservation initiatives.

The Conservation Fund

Established in 1998, the Conservation Fund supports conservation projects involving carnivorous plants and their habitats. Types of projects that could attract funding may include: protection of habitats; site restoration; education (for example to deter poaching or inadvertent habitat damage); native plant re-introductions and scientific research.

Past projects that have benefited from CPS Conservation Fund support include:

Apply for Funding

To apply for support from the Conservation Fund:

  1. Read the Conservation Fund Guidelines
  2. Complete and submit the Application Form

Ark of Life is a non-profit initiative set up to prevent endangered carnivorous plant taxa from becoming extinct in the wild. We are currently in the process of establishing collections to preserve endangered Sarracenia, as well as South African and Australian carnivorous plant taxa. The £500 which the Society has so kindly donated to support this important cause will be used to cover costs for a greenhouse to house a Rare Sarracenia Collection in the UK.

Stewart McPherson

Founder, Ark of Life