The Carnivorous Plant Society was founded in 1978, initially chaired by John Watkins, and held regular meetings at Hammersmith Town Hall. Following a successful attendance at the RHS Summer Flower Show where the Society won a Silver Lindley Medal, the first Journal was published in autumn 1978. Renowned expert Adrian Slack contributed an article on cultivation of Drosophyllum.

By 1981 the Society’s Seedbank was up and running with seeds of more than 30 species. The same year, the Society became a registered charity.


The Society produces two regular publications, both of which are received by all Society members:

  • Planta Carnivora – the Journal of the Society
  • The Newsletter

The Society aims to publish two editions of Planta and four issues of the Newsletter each year. Our ability to do so depends on a continuous supply of fresh content – so if you have something to contribute, please get in touch!


The Society is an unincorporated association with a membership and a committee of Trustees.

The Society’s Constitution sets out how the Society operates, including procedures for General Meetings, elections, powers of the Trustees etc.

The Constitution was adopted at a Special General Meeting on 13th August 2022, replacing the previous Governing Document. The new Constitution was approved by the Charity Commission and is based on their model constitution for unincorporated associations.

The Constitution is supplemented by policies and bye-laws issued by the Trustees: