The Carnivorous Plant Society

The Carnivorous Plant Society is a registered Charity, founded in 1978 with the aim of bringing together all those interested in carnivorous plants, both beginners and experts. Membership is open to all individuals and institutions, both amateur and professional.

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  How Coronavirus will affect our AGM

It states in our Governing Document that we have to hold our AGM in May. However, these are extraordinary times. The government has advised against all unnecessary travel and that social contact between persons from different households be limited to two persons. Even then, that a minimum distance of 2M be maintained. People should remain in their homes except for essential trips and exercise.

Although these guidelines are in place for a limited time it’s clearly going to have an impact on the AGM. 

There is a certain amount of forward planning involved when it comes to arranging these meetings and even if restrictions are lifted by the provisionally planned date, it’s clear that it’s going to be impractical to hold the AGM in May this year (2020).

We have taken advice from the Charity Commission on this matter and they have told us that the government advice and legislation on social distances and isolation must take priority over what is stated in our Governing Document. 

Therefore, we have taken the decision to initially postpone the AGM until this autumn. We will attempt to set a provisional date and location for this meeting, but this is an ever-changing situation and it’s not at all clear at the moment whether anything like normality will have returned by then. 
Clearly, we will have to consider whether we need to cancel or further postpone the AGM at a later date.

We have considered alternative options such as having a virtual AGM but we feel this is impractical due to restrictions on broadband speed. The society simply doesn’t have the infrastructure at this time. 

The Governing Document also states that the entire committee and trustees resign at the AGM and are then automatically considered for re-election. Obviously, this cannot happen at the usual time if we are postponing the AGM. 

Therefore, the committee will continue in its current form with existing committee members and trustees having their terms extended until the next AGM and new co-opted committee members continuing as fully adapted committee but without the endorsement of the membership.
The situation with members’ open days is similar. 

Given the current legislation, all open days must, unfortunately, be considered to be canceled. 

Open days are not run by the Carnivorous Plant Society, so we do not have the jurisdiction or powers to prevent them from being held. That being said, clearly, it would be a breach of the current legal situation and government guidelines to hold open days in the next 2-3 months. Open days held later in the year may be permissible but only time will tell.

Your committee and trustees urge you to spend the time now with your families and your plants; preferably in that order! Please keep yourselves safe and hopefully we will be able to convey some positive news in our next statement.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Many thanks from all on the committee.

...while the majority of animals feed directly upon plants "for tis their nature to," there are plants which turn the tables and feed upon them.

Asa Gray (1810-1888)

Drosera intermedia
Drosera anglica

Drosera intermedia - Oblong-leaved Sundew


Drosera anglica - Great or English Sundew


The Carnivorous Plant Society was formed in 1978 to bring together like-minded people in order to exchange information, to share experiences and to provide a forum to develop the hobby.

Today this charitable organisation remains dedicated to the promotion of carnivorous plants whether in the wild or in cultivation.  Its main activities focus on conservation and education: protecting those carnivorous plant species and habitats which are most at risk, and inspiring and teaching the public about these amazing plants - and encouraging their cultivation.

The Carnivorous Plant Society is only able to achieve its objects because of amazing supporters like you - and its members range from absolute novice carnivorous plant growers to some of the world's leading experts in their particular speciality. The Society is based in the United Kingdom but welcomes members from around the world.

Pinguicula lusitanica
Drosera rotundifolia

 Pinguicula lusitanica - The Pale Butterwort

 Drosera rotundifolia - Round-leaved Sundew




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