The Carnivorous Plant Society

The Carnivorous Plant Society is a registered Charity, founded in 1978 with the aim of bringing together all those interested in carnivorous plants, both beginners and experts. Membership is open to all individuals and institutions, both amateur and professional.

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...while the majority of animals feed directly upon plants "for tis their nature to," there are plants which turn the tables and feed upon them.

Asa Gray (1810-1888)

Drosera intermedia
Drosera anglica

Drosera intermedia - Oblong-leaved Sundew


Drosera anglica - Great or English Sundew


The Carnivorous Plant Society was formed in 1978 to allow growers to share and exchange information, growing experiences and to provide a forum to allow the development of the hobby.

We are a charitable organisation dedicated to the promotion of carnivorous plants both in the wild and in cultivation, through conservation and education.

Our members come from all walks of life and levels of knowledge, from beginners to world leading experts. We are based in Great Britain but we operate world-wide and we encourage memberships from all walks of life and all countries.

Membership of the Society provides:

  • A forum to bring like-minded people together, through open days, meetings and special events. (includes a free annual open day at Kew Gardens, RHS Wisley and Chester Zoo)
  • A world-class seed bank, with a free-seed scheme.
  • A bi-annual, quality, full-colour newsletter and journal - Planta Carnivora.
  • A lending library containing a wide selection of carnivorous plant books.
  • A conservation fund dedicated to preserve endangered species in situ, arks or in private/public collections.
  • Advice on plant cultivation and techniques, including sustainable cultivation.
  • A free Guide to Growing Carnivorous Plants.
  • Support for field studies that enhance our knowledge of carnivorous plant genera and species, including their habitats and conservation.

On behalf of our members we promote carnivorous plants at various shows at home and abroad, such as the Chelsea Flower Show, NEC Gardeners' World and the annual European Exhibition and Exchange (EEE) programme.

For more information please explore our website and contact us using the contacts page from the link above.

Pinguicula lusitanica
Drosera rotundifolia

 Pinguicula lusitanica - The Pale Butterwort

 Drosera rotundifolia - Round-leaved Sundew




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